Launching of GLEEHD Political Leadership and Governance Academy; a training and workshop platform designed to provide the technical know-how for young Nigerians aspiring to hold public offices. Practical sessions with experienced resource persons will include Party Structures, Opposition Research, Campaign Strategies, and Funding Campaigns amongst other relevant themes.

Keynote Presentations by relevant political leaders and emerging young leaders will give participants the opportunity to hear from leading voices in government and politics. These presentations will feature relevant topics and issues relevant to that will form part of the forum’s conversations.

The forum will at intervals break out to Think Tanks/Syndicate Groups for interactive sessions that will engage participants in lively discussions and debates on relevant issues. Sessions will ensure an intimate environment in which participants can engage one another, have their voices heard and come up with practicable resolutions.

Q&A sessions will allow for insight on topics of interest through questions directed to keynote speakers and other relevant leaders.

Recommendations and action points delivered will be published and forwarded to relevant Policy-Makers.